Google Apps

Last updated 3 months ago


We use Google Mail for email.

Please use the following email signature, at least in outbound messages:

freistil IT Ltd |
+353 1901 2642
13 Upper Baggot Street, 2nd Floor, Dublin D04 W7K5, Ireland
Company number: 532004
VAT ID: IE3227412SH


We use Google Calendar to schedule our work.

There are a few group calendars you might want to join. To join a group calendar, just copy its calendar ID from the list below ("Copy Link") and enter it into the text field below "Other calendars".


We use Google Groups for our shared mailboxes. There are these different categories of groups:

  • Public inboxes for inbound email to certain business functions. They're simply named with their function, for example In most cases, these addresses forward email to our Help Center where they create a new support request ticket.

  • Team groups to address a whole team. They're named with "-team" added to the team name, for example If you work with a certain team, you should join its group.

  • Bot groups for automated email. They're named with "-bot" added to the team name. The address, for example, would be set up to receive notifications from accounting software and payment services. If you take care of services that send such notifications, you should join the corresponding bot group.

  • Archive groups for documentation purposes. If you're sending outbound email, you should always CC or BCC an archive group. They're named with " archive" added to the team name, for example "".