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We use Asana for task and project management.

Due dates

We don't have a workflow in place that would catch orphaned overdue tasks. So, if a task has a due date, make sure it also is assigned to a person.

Template projects

In order to simplify the creation of projects for recurring things (event planning, order processing etc.), we use project templates — Asana projects that start with "(T)". To use a template for a new task, simply use the "Copy project (Use as a template)" feature. Don't forget to give the newly created project a proper name.


Nowhere does a conversation on a particular task or project more sense than right where we track and manage them. In our case that's Asana.

And since Asana also offers conversations on the team level, it made sense to concentrate our whole asynchronous communication there.

  • Team level: Find the team in the Asana sidebar and click on "Team Conversations" (below the team name).

  • Project level: Find the project and click on "Conversations" (below the project name).

  • Task level: Add a comment to the task.

In all three situations, it makes sense to @-mention the people you'd like to participate in the conversation.