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We don't have a fixed sick and vacation time allowance. This means you're flexible in taking time off and the company doesn't have to worry about counting accrued PTO.

As common sense as well as our core values of quality and accountability suggest, your vacation plans (or lack thereof) should not put our operation at risk. That's why we ask you to follow these simple rules:

  1. Please discuss your plans with your team mates, especially before booking any trips.

  2. Give us as many work days advance notice as you'd like to take for your vacation. I.e., if you'd like to take 10 days off, please announce it at least 10 work days in advance. Simply add your planned vacation time to the "Events" calendar with the title "Vacation «NAME»".

  3. Take at least 5 days off every quarter. Having an energetic team is essential and everyone needs some time away from work to recharge. We think that a total of 20 to 30 days off over the course of a year is a healthy goal.

Please note that you'll also need management approval for taking more than 3 continuous weeks of vacation.